PSN Dispatches (Selected)

Selected policy posts from the Stateside Dispatch at Progressive States Network written between 2006 and 2010.

Federal Recovery Efforts Saved 8.5 Million Jobs, Stopped Depression (Jul 29 2010)

Supreme Court 2009-2010: Pro-Corporate, But Continued Trend Towards Deferral to State Authority (Jun 29 2010)

Debating Federalism: Conservative False History and Hypocrisy vs. Progressive Collaborative Federalism (Jun 15 2010)

Financial Reform: Keep State AGs and State Law on the Beat Against Predatory Lending Practices (May 10 2010)

Update: Mapping the Progress of the Shared Multi-State Agenda (Mar 25 2010)

No Crisis in Public Retirement Systems: Debunking the Hype and the Attacks on Employee Benefits (Feb 22 2010)

State Job Creation Strategies Part II: Supporting Innovation, Industrial Clusters and Green Job Creation (Jan 25 2010)

State Job Creation Strategies Part I: Finding the Money and Investing in Human Capital and Physical Infrastructure (Jan 19 2010)

Tuesday’s Lesson: Bold State Leadership Needed More than Ever (Jan 21 2010)

State Immigration Policy to Promote National Change (Jan 12 2010)

Promoting Wage Law Enforcement Policies in 2010 (Dec 14 2009)

Foreclosure and Anti-Predatory Lending Reforms (Dec 07 2009)

Paid Sick Days: Healthier Workers, Healthier Families (Nov 16 2009)

Progressive Values Dominant– But Need to Rebuild Trust in Effectiveness of Government Action (Nov 02 2009)

PSN Leaders and Allied Legislators Meet With White House and Capitol Hill Leaders on Health Care Reform (Oct 15 2009)

Job Losses and State Fiscal Crises: Time for More Federal Stimulus Spending (Oct 08 2009)

Protecting State Consumer Protection from Preemption in Federal Financial Reform (Sep 10 2009)

Trade and the States: Promoting Collaboration on Negotiating and Implementing Trade Deals (Jul 28 2009)

Recovery Plan Making Huge Difference for Economy and Working Families (Jul 16 2009)

The Supreme Court and the States 2008-2009: Trend Defending State Authority Emerges this Term (Jul 14 2009)

Progressive Revenue Measures Approved or Moving in Oregon and Other States (Jun 25 2009)

Worker Freedom Bill Passed in Oregon to Allow Workers to Avoid Mandatory Political or Religious Meetings in Workplace (Jun 25 2009)

Green Jobs Programs to Drive Economic Recovery (Jun 15 2009)

Assuring Accountability and Equity in Recovery Spending (Jun 01 2009)

Obama Affirms Importance of State Policy Innovation By Making California Emissions Rules a National Standard (May 21 2009)

State Laws Allowing Majority Sign-up for Unions Show why Employee Free Choice Act is Fair Option for Workers (May 07 2009)

Buy American and Fair Trade Policies to Spur National and Global Economic Recovery (April 27, 2009)
Their Secessionist “States Rights” versus Our Collaborative Federalism (Apr 23 2009)
Taxing High-Income Residents: Better than Budget Cuts, Better for Economic Growth (Apr 06 2009)
Privatization Update: Schools, Prisons, Mental Health — and What States are Doing to Hold Contractors Accountable (Mar 30 2009)
State Action for the Unemployed (Mar 09 2009)
Transparency and Economic Recovery: What States Are Required To Do and Why They Should Do It (Feb 23 2009)
Implementing the Recovery Plan: A Resource Guide for State Legislators and Advocates (Feb 19, 2009)
Restoring State Authority: An Agenda to Restrict Preemption of State Laws (Feb 9, 2009)
Anti-Union Front Groups Promote Distorted “Save Our Secret Ballots” Initiative Campaigns (Jan 22 2009)
Why States Need to be a Focus for Any Economic Recovery Plan (Jan 12, 2009)
Unemployment Insurance Modernization Should be Part of Recovery Plan (Dec 15 2008)
Paid Sick Days Victory in Milwaukee- But Business Lobby is Going to Court (Nov 25 2008)
Strengthening Progressive State Power Should Be Priority for D.C. Leaders (Nov 18 2008)
Rising Unemployment Highlights Need for Federal Expansion of Unemployment Insurance Funds (Oct 24 2008)
The Financial Bailout and the Challenge for the States: De-Leveraging Working Families (Sep 29, 2008)
Promoting Wage Enforcement Laws as an Alternative to Anti-Immigrant Proposals (Sep 22 2008)
Should Your Employer Have to Provide a Reason to Fire You? (Sep 12 2008)
“Mediated Elections” Process for Farmworkers Moving Forward in California (Sep 12 2008)
Helping Poor and Working Families Build Financial Assets (Aug 4, 2008)
Arbitration: “Set up to squeeze small sums of money out of desperately poor people” (Jun 12, 2008)
States Still Leading Feds on Minimum Wage (July 10, 2008)
Supreme Court and the States: Business Wins, Voting Rights Lose, and a Mixed Bag on Criminal Justice (Jun 30 2008)
State Policies for a $4/Gallon World (Jun 09, 2008)
Averting Layoffs and Revitalizing the Manufacturing Economy: Lessons from the Great Lakes States (May 05 2008)
Tough Wage Enforcement Law Approved in Iowa Senate; Anti-Immigrant Measures Rejected (Apr 17 2008)
Gutting State Regulation of Insurance under Bush Administration’s Financial Oversight “Reform” (Apr 03, 2008)
Expanding Access to Justice in the Courts (Mar 17 2008)
Paid Sick Days & Paid Leave Bills Approved in D.C. and New Jersey (Mar 13 2008)
Dos and Dont’s of Coping With State Budget Crises (Feb 19 2008)
Cracking Down on Misclassification of Workers– And Raising Tax Revenue (Feb 14 2008)
State Immigration Policies & Politics in 2008 (Feb 04 2008)
National Popular Vote- A Voter Turnout and Civil Rights Issue (Jan 28 2008).
Aiding States to Stimulate the National Economy (Jan 24 2008).
Tax Relief to Help Low-Wage Washington Residents (Jan 31 2008)
Aiding States to Stimulate the National Economy (Jan 24 2008)
Updates on Family Leave and Paid Sick Days Policy Campaigns (Dec 3 2007)
Election Night 2007: Progressive Gains but a Mixed Night on Ballot Initiatives Around the Country (Nov 08 2007)

How Exploited “Independent Contractor” Truckers Drive Pollution in Our Ports (Nov 10 2007)

Economic Strategies for Nurturing Innovation and Job Growth (Nov 05 2007)
How Exploited “Independent Contractor” Truckers Drive Pollution in Our Ports (Oct 11 2007)
Why States Matter (Oct 1 2007)
States Rejecting Bad Immigration Policies (Sep 27 2007).
New Polling: Paid Sick Days and Family Leave Overwhelming Political Winners (Sep 24, 2007)
Labor Day: How States Can Protect Workers Rights (Aug 30 2007)
Immigration Policy in the States: The Bad, the Good & the Politically Smart (Jul 30 2007)
With Supreme Court Shift to Right, States Need to Take Action (Jul 02 2007)
Pervasive Violations of Wage Laws — and What States Can Do About It (Jun 25 2007)
Why Progressive Policy is Winning in the States (Jun 18 2007)
Public Opinion Supports Bold Progressive Leadership (Apr 23 2007)
Living Wage: Maryland Enacts First State Law in Nation (Apr 12 2007)
Preventing Trade Deals from Undermining State Power (Mar 12 2007)
Ex-Prisoner Reentry and Reintegration (Mar 05 2007)
Universal and Affordable Broadband in the States (Feb 26 2007)
Cracking Down on Misclassification of Workers– And Raising Tax Revenue (Feb 14 2008)
Ripoff Privatizations– And Why They Keep Happening (Feb 05 2007)
Raising Revenue Through Fair Tax Systems (Jan 22 2007)
Protecting the Freedom to Form Labor Unions (Jan 08 2007)
Shutting the Courtroom Door: How the Corporate Right Mobilized in the States (Jan 04 2007)
“Values Voters” and the 2006 Elections (Nov 20 2006)
An Emerging Progressive Majority (Nov 16 2006)

State Legislative Models Brought to You by Progressive States and MomsRising (Oct 16 2006)

The Fragmenting Religious Right & Emerging Progressive Faith Networks (Oct 2, 2006)
Broadband for Economic Growth; Energy Savings (Oct 09 2006)
Child Care: A Valuing Families Campaign Issue (Sep 25, 2006)
Welfare “Reform”: Ten Years Later (Sep 18 2006)

Chicago: Groundbreaking Retail Workers Living Wage Law Passes (July 27, 2006)

Debate on Health Care for All Gets Real (July 24, 2006)

Beyond the Minimum Wage: New Policies to Raise Wages (Jun 5 2006)