Nathan Newman
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  • Yale Law School J.D. (2001). 2001 Benjamin Scharps Prize and 1999 Edgar M. Cullen Prize for the best piece of Yale Law legal writing in each respective law school year.
  • New York University Law School (2002-2003)  Samuel I. Golieb Fellow in Legal History.
  • University of California-Berkeley, Sociology Dept. Ph.D. (1998) M.A. (1992). National Science Foundation Fellow (1991-1994). Jacob Javits Fellow (1990-1991).   Dissertation rewritten as a book for Penn State Press as Net Loss: Internet Prophets, Private Profits and the Costs to Community, a study of the impact of technology policy on regional economies and economic inequality.  2003 American Library Association Choice Award for “Outstanding Academic Title” and the Harvard Business Review described it as a “provocative case for business civic-mindedness” in the context of the information economy
  • Amherst College B.A. (1988) Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa with double major in Physics and American Studies. 1988 George Taylor Prize- best American Studies thesis.

Employment History: – Founded organization to highlight issues where technology and economic justice intersect, including a focus on antitrust and cyberlaw issues involving the Google antitrust investigations   Consulted with a range of organizations on policy reports around the technology sector, including on behalf of Demos, Economic Policy Institute, Communication Workers of America, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and Blue-Green Alliance.

Progressive States Network,  Executive Director (2008-2010); Founding Policy Director (2005-2008)

  • Collaborated in developing and implementing strategic and programmatic vision for organization that networked together over 1000 state legislators and thousands of organizations. In five years built a respected national organization from scratch to one with a $1.3 million annual budget and 14 staff
  • Built policy program, wrote or oversaw production of all major reports and 450+ editions of our Stateside Dispatch e-publication, trained and managed fourteen staff, and oversaw outreach to legislators and organizations around the country on multi-state legislative campaigns on paid sick days, wage enforcement, immigration, broadband, health reform, and other working families issues.
  • Regular public speaker at PSN events, on Capitol Hill, in statehouses and at conferences.
  • Drafted nearly every foundation grant by PSN from whom PSN raised over $5 million in new funding for the organization. Implemented innovative technology systems for PSN’s website, contact databases and mass emailers to manage tens of thousands of documents and organizational contacts.

Communications Consultant (2005-2006):  Provided strategic advice to organizations using new media for political communication, including clients such as the national offices of the AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Brennan Center for Justice (2003-2005): Associate Counsel.

  • Drafted successful 2004 Florida Minimum Wage initiative and coordinated pro bono legal effort to qualify it before Florida Supreme Court.  Drafted legislation for and supported other local legislative campaigns, including Hartford and Chicago “Wal-Mart” property access and living wage ordinances.
  • Wrote policy and legal analysis in support of initiatives.
  • Coordinated litigation/amicus briefs defending living wage & other economic justice legislation.
  • Helped draft fundraising proposals and met with funders.

College professor:  Bard College (Fall 2005); as part of Bard Prison Initiative, taught “Workplace as Civic Space” and “Law and Society” courses; at Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (Spring 2003), taught “Technology and the World of Work.”

Eisner & Hubbard (2001- 2002): Associate at employee-side labor law firm.  Drafted briefs and prepared witnesses in employment discrimination litigation, arbitrations and NLRB actions.

Communication Workers of America (Summer 2000)  Summer Associate, General Counsel’s Office. Drafted legal memos for range of labor matters.

NetAction (1997-1999): Project Director.    Published reports, magazine articles, and e-updates on Microsoft’s anticompetitive practices.  Conducted grassroots lobbying and press campaign targeting US Congress/Justice Department around Microsoft’s practices and led a successful statewide California campaign against proposed $3 billion privatization of California university technology resources and jobs.

UC-Berkeley Center for Community Economic Research (1991-1996): Co-director of labor-community research center at university’s Institute for Industrial Relations.

  • Providing policy, messaging and technical assistance to a range of local and California organizations, including labor-community coalitions, the Applied Research Center and CWTO, and the California Network for a New Economy, along with groups defending immigrant rights and affirmative action.
  • Pioneered use of the Internet as an organizing tool by many community groups, unions and local government officials; training many groups, including ARC, the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute and other groups in use of the Internet for the first time.

US Congress Office of Technology Assessment (1994-1995): Consultant on study of productivity and workforce development issues in the hotel service sector.  Research incorporated into New Rules for a New Economy: Employment and Opportunity in Postindustrial America by Stephen Herzenberg, head of the OTA study.

Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) (1994-1996) consultant.

Public Interest Communications (1989-1990): Supervisor overseeing dozens of telephone fundraisers for 50+ national environmental and social justice organizations.

Hotel Employees/Restaurant Employees International Union (HERE) (1988-1989): Staff Organizer; Worked in Las Vegas preparing members for contract negotiations in hotel/casinos.

Massachusetts Fair Share (Summer 1987): Canvass field manager; led training for other staff on health care/toxics issues.

Other Relevant Experience:

  • Freelance writer on economics, politics and labor issues for publications including The Nation, The American Prospect, Dollars & Sense, In These Times, MIT’s Technology Review and oped pages. Nationally recognized blogger, especially on work and labor issues, at TPMCafe site and past bi-weekly columnist for Progressive Populist (2001-2007).
  • American Constitution Society (2003-2005); leader on initial organizing committee forming New York City lawyers chapter.
  • National Lawyers Guild- National Vice President (2000-2002 term)Vice-President of New York City Chapter (2001-2002).   Worked closely with labor & employment committee.
  • People for Bread Work and Justice- Treasurer/organizer (1996-1998) for welfare and job rights coalition involving over 100 SF Bay Area union locals and community organizations.
  • California Network for a New Economy (1992-1996), organizer building statewide labor-community-environmental network to support defense conversion, fair trade and sustainable jobs organizing in California. Wrote major reports and organized conferences for network.
  • City of Berkeley Labor Commission – Appointed member (1992-1994).
  • Association of Graduate Student Employees, UAW at UC-Berkeley- Executive Board member (1991-1992).
  • Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MassPIRG)- State treasurer/exec committee (1984-1986) of 28-campus/100,000 citizen-supported organization.

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2002  Net Loss: Internet Prophets, Private Profits and the Costs to Community; book based on Ph.D. dissertation published by Penn State Press.  2003 American Library Association Choice Award for an Outstanding Academic Title.

Scholarly Articles and Articles

2005  “Using State Sovereignty and Federal Power to Undermine Workers’ Rights: Federalist Hypocrisy and the Preemption of State Labor Laws” in Awakening from the Dream: Civil Rights under Siege and the New Struggle for Equal Justice, ed. Denise C. Morgan, Rachel D. Godsil, and Joy Moses (Carolina Academic Press).

June 2005 “Is Labor Missing the Internet Third Wave?” WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society (Vol. 8, Issue 4).

2004  A New Birth of Freedom: The Forgotten History of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments (w J.J. Gass).  Brennan Center for Justice publication; distributed as part of official conference & CLE materials for the 2004 and 2005 American Constitution Society national conferences.

2003 “The Conflict of the Courts: RICO, Labor, and Legal Preemption in Union Comprehensive Campaigns.” Drake Law Review (Vol 51, No. 2).

2002 “ Trade Secrets and Collective Bargaining: A Solution to Resolving Tensions in the Economics of Innovation.” Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal (Vol. 6, No. 1).

2002  “Union and Community Mobilization in the Information Age.” Perspectives on Work: The Magazine of the Industrial Relations Research Association (vol. 6, no. 2).

2001  “Prop 13 Meets the Internet: How States and Local Government Finances are Becoming Road Kill on the Information Superhighway,” in Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias, ed. Peter Ludlow.

April 1999 ” Database Protection: Rewarding Sweat or Destroying Fair Use?” Background paper prepared for Private Censorship/Perfect Choice conference sponsored by the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.

May 1998  Net Loss: The Political Economy of Community in the Age of the Internet. Ph.D. dissertation. Sociology Department, University of California, Berkeley.

January 1995 “Building High Performance Teams in the Hotel Industry: A Case Study of the San Francisco Multi-Employer Group And the San Francisco Hotel Unions”. Contracted study for US Congress Office of Technology Assessment’s report on Technology, Jobs and Productivity in service economy.

September 1994 “Overview of the Hotel Industry in the United States”. Contracted study for US Congress Office of Technology Assessment’s report on Technology, Jobs and Productivity in the service economy.

October 1993 “If Not Nafta, Then What?” (w Anders Schneiderman) Labor Center Reporter. No. 288.

Major Policy Reports

June 2011   Networking the Green Economy 2011: How Broadband & Related Technologies Can Build a Green Economic Future.  Updated report sponsored by the Sierra Club, Blue-Green Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council and the Communications Workers of America.

March 2011  How To Raise The Phone Bill Of The Average New Jersey Family: What S 2664 Will Do To NJ Consumers.  Demos and New Jersey Policy Perspective.  Co-written with Richard Brodsky.

July 2010    State Job Creation Strategies for 2011. Progressive States Network Report.

March 2010   Networking the Green Economy: How Broadband & Related Technologies Can Build a Green Economic Future.  Report sponsored by the Sierra Club, Blue-Green Alliance, PSN and the Communications Workers of America.

October 2009  State Policy and Politics in 2009: Crisis and Progress in Building a Progressive Future.  Progressive States Network Report.

Sep. 2008   The Anti-Immigrant Movement that Failed: Positive Integration Policies by States Still Far Outweigh Punitive Policies.  Progressive States Network Report.

July 2008    Building a Progressive Majority in the States: Policy Options for 2009.  Third in an annual series written since 2006.  Progressive States Network Report.

July 2008   State Immigration Project: Policy Options for 2009.  Progressive States Network Report.

July 2008    Tax and Budget Reform: Policy Options for 2009. Progressive States Network Report.

Dec. 2007    Privatizing in the Dark: The Pitfalls of Privatization & Why Budget Disclosure is Needed. Progressive States Network Report.

November 2006  State Legislative Models for Building a Family-Friendly America.  Progressive States Network Report; produced in conjunction with MomsRising.

Feb. 2006   Governing the Nation From the Statehouses: The Rightwing Agenda in the States and How Progressives Can Fight Back.  Progressive States Network Report.

May 1999  The Origins and Future of Open Source Software. A NetAction Report.

June 1998  Consumer Choice in Web Browsers: One Year Later. A NetAction Report.

April 1998  The Microsoft-Intuit Merger: The Intervention that Worked and the Dangers Today from Microsoft’s Monopoly Practices in the Online Financial Marketplace. A NetAction Report.

November 1997  From Microsoft Word to Microsoft World: How Microsoft is Building a Global Monopoly. Report published by NetAction.

August 1995  Prop 13 Meets the Internet: How States and Local Government Finances are Becoming Road Kill on the Information Superhighway. Report published by Center for Community Economic Research (CCER) and republished in September 1995 issue of State Tax Notes.

Spring 1994  Activism On-line: Getting from Here to There. w/ Anders Schneiderman. Publication of Center for Community Economic Research in association with the Applied Research Center.

Summer 1993 California Network for a New Economy Jun 11-13,1993 Final Conference Report. Wrote summary of discussions of conference bringing together over 90 community, environmental and labor organizations creating strategies for supporting working families in the California economy

July 1992  Jobs, Justice and Sustainable Development: a Report on Building a Democratic Future for California. Center for Community Economic Research report published in conjunction with the founding conference of the California Network for a New Economy.


Selected Legal-Oriented Popular Writing

July 15, 2011  “The Cost of Lost Privacy: How Google and Datamining Drive Economic Inequality in Our NationHuffington Post

March 29, 2011.  “You’re Not Google’s Customer — You’re the Product: Antitrust in a Web 2.0 World.”  Huffington Post

March 14, 2011.The Case for Antitrust Action Against Google.” Huffington Post

Jun 29 2010. “Supreme Court 2009-2010: Pro-Corporate, But Continued Trend Towards Deferral to State Authority.”  Progressive States Network Stateside Dispatch

Jun 15 2010. “Debating Federalism: Conservative False History and Hypocrisy vs. Progressive Collaborative Federalism.”  Progressive States Network Stateside Dispatch

Jul 14 2009. “The Supreme Court and the States 2008-2009: Trend Defending State Authority Emerges this Term.” Progressive States Network Stateside Dispatch

Apr 23 2009. “Their Secessionist “States Rights” versus Our Collaborative Federalism.” Progressive States Network Stateside Dispatch.

Feb 9, 2009. “Restoring State Authority: An Agenda to Restrict Preemption of State Laws. Progressive States Network Stateside Dispatch.

Jun 30 2008. Supreme Court and the States: Business Wins, Voting Rights Lose, and a Mixed Bag on Criminal Justice. Progressive States Network Stateside Dispatch.

Jul 02 2007. “With Supreme Court Shift to Right, States Need to Take Action.” Progressive States Network Stateside Dispatch.

May 15, 2005. “Hoping for a Mushroom Cloud: We Should Welcome End of the Filibuster. Progressive Populist.

July 1, 2004. “Supreme Court Created Jim Crow.” Progressive Populist.

July 1, 2002.  “Supremes Drop a Bomb Against Federalism.” Progressive Populist.

May 1, 2002. Court Restores Organizing to Labor. Progressive Populist..

September 1, 2001. “How Microsoft Lost Big at the Appeals Court: Antitrust and Software Standards in the Internet Era.” Progressive Populist.

Summer 2001 The Case for Impeaching the Rehnquist Five. National Lawyers Guild. Guild Notes.

April 15, 2001. “The Supremes Federalist Hypocrisy: Death Sentence for Employee Rights.” Progressive Populist.

April 2000  “Storming the Gates: Will Open Source Software End the Microsoft Monopoly?The American Prospect.


Other Selected Popular Publications

For output of blog posts and other article archives:

May 18, 2010 “New sick-pay mandate would boost R.I. health.”  Providence Journal.


May 20, 2009  “Accounting for jobs in the stimulus cash.” The Oregonian.

2006   “The War on Terrorism Threatens the Rights of Illegal Immigrants” in At Issue: What Rights Should Illegal Immigrants Have?, ed. Lori Newman.  Thomson-Gayle.

April 11, 2006 “Stark Choices On Immigration.”

Feb. 20, 2006 “Forget D.C.—the Battle is in the States.”  In These Times.

Sept./Oct. 2005            “A Split That May Mean More Labor Unity.”  Dollars and Sense (Issue 261).

2005  “The Movement Against the Iraq War Was a Failure” in At Issue: The Peace Movement, ed. Nancy Harris. Thomson-Gayle.

2004  “The Five Big Lies Bush Made to Working Families” in Big Bush Lies, Jerry Barrett, ed.

Summer 2003  “Where the Peace Movement Went Wrong.” Dissent  (Vol. 150).

July 25, 2002  “Big Pharma, Bad Science.” The Nation.

April 1996  “The Great Internet Tax Drain.” MIT’s Technology Review.

Major Presentations and Speeches

June 28th, 2011   “Broadband Deployment and Public Benefits of the AT&T- T-Mobile Merger” at Economic Policy Institute panel on “Future of Wireless Networks:  AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile.”  Washington, D.C.

Sept. 13, 2010  “Broadband and Networking the Green Economy.”  Testimony before the West Virginia Legislature Interim Committee on Infrastructure.  Charleston, WV.

Sept. 13, 2010  “Progressive Movements and the Debate on Jobs.”  Keynote speech at event for legislators and organizations sponsored by West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy. Charleston, WV.

July 27, 2010 “Addressing the State Revenue Crisis: Raising Revenue and Changing the Debate on the Economy.”  Progressive  States Network event held at the National Conference of State Legislatures.  Louisville, KY.

May 15, 2010  “Building an Economic Growth Agenda:  Lessons from the Fifty States” at the Young Elected Officials Network National Covening.  Crystal City, VA.

May 14, 2010  “Stopping Foreclosures and Predatory Lending Practices” at the Young Elected Officials Network National Covening.  Crystal City, VA.

May 5, 2010  “Networking the Green Economy” at the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference.  Washington, D.C.

April 12, 2010 “Building a Progressive Majority in the States.”  Presentation to legislators sponsored by Rhode Island Progressive Caucus.   Providence, RI.

March 25, 2010  “National Change State by State.” Presentation to legislators and allied advocates sponsored by Rhode Island Working Families Caucus.   Atlanta, GA.

March 4, 2010  “Networking the Green Economy.”   Presentation at launch of the Networking the Green Economy report at Capitol Hill briefing hosted by Congressman Ed. Markey and sponsored by Sierra Club, Blue-Green Allliance, PSN and Communication Workers of America.  Washington, DC.

Feb. 26, 2010   “No Crisis in Public Retirement Systems: Debunking the Hype and the Attacks on Employee Benefits.”  Presentation on national webinar sponsored by PSN and the National Institute on Retirement Security.

Feb. 20,  2010  “National Change State by State.”   Presentation to legislators sponsored by Iowa Progressive Caucus.   Des Moines, IA.

January 29, 2010  “Revenue Strategies for Funding Health Care Goals.”  Presentation at Families USA National Conference.   Washington, D.C.

Dec. 4, 2009  “Building a PSN Legislative Network to Support Paid Sick Days Advocacy.”  Presentation at Family Values At Work conference, sponsored by the Ford Foundation.  New York, NY.

Dec. 2, 2009.  “Building an Economic Growth Agenda:  Lessons from the Fifty States.”  Plenary session presentation at the California Labor Federation’s  Economic Recovery Summit.  Sacramento, CA.

Sep. 22, 2009  “The Recovery Plan and the States: New Revenues and Transparency Challenges.”  Plenary session presentation at the PSN-Economic Research and Analysis Network annual conference.  Detroit, MI.

Sep. 21, 2009  “National Change State by State.”  Plenary session presentation to Progressive States Network Leadership Summit.  Detroit, MI

Aug. 4, 2009  “Progressive Victories and Challenges in the States.” Plenary session presentation at the Progressive Roundtable conference, sponsored by the Progressive Ideas Network.  Duluth, MN.

July 20, 2009  “The Recovery Plan and the States: What It’s Done and Challenges for 2010.”  Presented at PSN’s Crisis and Opportunity at the National Conference of State Legislatures.   Philadelphia. PA.

June 12, 2009  “Fiscal Transparency & Equity in the States: Problems in and Proposals for Accountability.” Presentation at Institute for Money in State Politics annual retreat.  Kalispel, MT.

June 2, 2009  “States and the Recovery Plan.”  Presentation at America’s Future Now conference. Washington, D.C.

April 29, 2009  “Economic Recovery Plan- Policy and Advocacy.”  Presentation at New Voices Fellowship Meeting, sponsored by the Academy for Educational Development.  Washington, D.C.

Mar 30, 2009  “Trends in State Privatization.”  Presentation at privatization network meeting, sponsored by the Ford Foundation.  Washington, D.C.

Mar. 9, 2009  Testimony before the House Business and Labor Committee on HB 2037 and HB 2867 – bills to require disclosure about contracting and privatization in Oregon.  Portland, OR.

Mar 2, 2009  “Taxes, Transparency and Economic Growth Briefing.”  Presentation at Young Elected Officials Network National Convening.  Washington, D.C.

June 11, 2008   Testimony before the New Jersey Commission on New Americans.  Trenton, NJ.

May 27, 2008  “How Data Matters in State Policy.”  Presentation at Institute for Money in State Politics annual retreat.  Kalispel, MT.

April 23, 2008  “Winning the Immigration Issue in the States.”  Presentation at Young Elected Officials Network National Convening.  Washington, D.C.

Jan. 20, 2007.  “Turning Back Anti-Immigrant Policy.”  Presentation to legislators in Iowa Senate.  Des Moines, IA.

Dec. 10, 2007   “Winning the Immigration Issue in the States.” Presentation to conference of State Political Directors of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Washington, D.C.

April 23, 2007  “Fighting Anti-Tax Politics and Corporate Tax Subsidies.”  Presentation at Young Elected Officials Network National Convening.  Little Rock, AR.

July 24, 2007  “Trends in State Privatization.”  Presentation at the Grantmakers in Income Security Taskforce.  Washington, D.C.

May 10, 2007.  “Engaging Women in Health Care for All.”  Presentation at conference sponsored by Universal Health Care Action Network. New York, NY.

March 22, 2007  “Moving a Progressive Agenda in North Carolina.” Presentation at PSN event co-sponsored by coalition of North Carolina progressive organizations.  Chapel Hill, NC.

Mar. 16, 2007. “Building a Progressive Majority.”  Sponsored by Democracy for Louisiana.  Lafayette, LA.

Jan. 22, 2007  “State Battlegrounds in Media Reform.”  Presentation at the National Conference on Media Reform.  Memphis, TN.

June 9, 2006.  “The Progressive Movement and the Internet.”  Plenary presentation at Yearly Kos (now Netroots Nation).  Las Vegas, NV.

June 8, 2006.  “Labor and the Netroots.”  Presentation at Yearly Kos (now Netroots Nation).  Las Vegas, NV.

Sept. 20, 2004  Testimony before the Chicago City Council on merits of a proposed “big box” living wage ordinance, drafted by myself at the Brennan Center for Justice.

Selected PSN Dispatches (embedded web links to articles on PSN website)

Health Law Gains for Families Highlighted in Events Across the Country This Week (Sep 20 2010)

Federal Recovery Efforts Saved 8.5 Million Jobs, Stopped Depression (Jul 29 2010)

Financial Reform: Keep State AGs and State Law on the Beat Against Predatory Lending Practices (May 10 2010)

Update: Mapping the Progress of the Shared Multi-State Agenda (Mar 25 2010)

No Crisis in Public Retirement Systems: Debunking the Hype and the Attacks on Employee Benefits (Feb 22 2010)

State Job Creation Strategies Part II: Supporting Innovation, Industrial Clusters and Green Job Creation (Jan 25 2010)

State Job Creation Strategies Part I: Finding the Money and Investing in Human Capital and Physical Infrastructure (Jan 19 2010)

Tuesday’s Lesson: Bold State Leadership Needed More than Ever (Jan 21 2010)

State Immigration Policy to Promote National Change (Jan 12 2010)

Promoting Wage Law Enforcement Policies in 2010 (Dec 14 2009)

Foreclosure and Anti-Predatory Lending Reforms (Dec 07 2009)

Paid Sick Days: Healthier Workers, Healthier Families (Nov 16 2009)

Progressive Values Dominant– But Need to Rebuild Trust in Effectiveness of Government Action (Nov 02 2009)

PSN Leaders and Allied Legislators Meet With White House and Capitol Hill Leaders on Health Care Reform (Oct 15 2009)

Job Losses and State Fiscal Crises: Time for More Federal Stimulus Spending (Oct 08 2009)

Protecting State Consumer Protection from Preemption in Federal Financial Reform (Sep 10 2009)

Trade and the States: Promoting Collaboration on Negotiating and Implementing Trade Deals (Jul 28 2009)

Recovery Plan Making Huge Difference for Economy and Working Families (Jul 16 2009)

Progressive Revenue Measures Approved or Moving in Oregon and Other States (Jun 25 2009)

Worker Freedom Bill Passed in Oregon to Allow Workers to Avoid Mandatory Political or Religious Meetings in Workplace (Jun 25 2009)

Green Jobs Programs to Drive Economic Recovery (Jun 15 2009)

Assuring Accountability and Equity in Recovery Spending (Jun 01 2009)

Obama Affirms Importance of State Policy Innovation By Making California Emissions Rules a National Standard (May 21 2009)

State Laws Allowing Majority Sign-up for Unions Show why Employee Free Choice Act is Fair Option for Workers (May 07 2009)

Buy American and Fair Trade Policies to Spur National and Global Economic Recovery (April 27, 2009)

Taxing High-Income Residents: Better than Budget Cuts, Better for Economic Growth (Apr 06 2009)

Privatization Update: Schools, Prisons, Mental Health — and What States are Doing to Hold Contractors Accountable (Mar 30 2009)

State Action for the Unemployed (Mar 09 2009)

Transparency and Economic Recovery: What States Are Required To Do and Why They Should Do It (Feb 23 2009)

Implementing the Recovery Plan: A Resource Guide for State Legislators and Advocates (Feb 19, 2009)

Restoring State Authority: An Agenda to Restrict Preemption of State Laws (Feb 9, 2009)

Anti-Union Front Groups Promote Distorted “Save Our Secret Ballots” Initiative Campaigns (Jan 22 2009)

Why States Need to be a Focus for Any Economic Recovery Plan (Jan 12, 2009)

Unemployment Insurance Modernization Should be Part of Recovery Plan (Dec 15 2008)

Paid Sick Days Victory in Milwaukee- But Business Lobby is Going to Court (Nov 25 2008)

Strengthening Progressive State Power Should Be Priority for D.C. Leaders (Nov 18 2008)

Rising Unemployment Highlights Need for Federal Expansion of Unemployment Insurance Funds (Oct 24 2008)

The Financial Bailout and the Challenge for the States: De-Leveraging Working Families (Sep 29, 2008)

Promoting Wage Enforcement Laws as an Alternative to Anti-Immigrant Proposals (Sep 22 2008)

Should Your Employer Have to Provide a Reason to Fire You? (Sep 12 2008)

“Mediated Elections” Process for Farmworkers Moving Forward in California (Sep 12 2008)

Helping Poor and Working Families Build Financial Assets (Aug 4, 2008)

Arbitration: “Set up to squeeze small sums of money out of desperately poor people” (Jun 12, 2008)

States Still Leading Feds on Minimum Wage (July 10, 2008)

State Policies for a $4/Gallon World (Jun 09, 2008)

Averting Layoffs and Revitalizing the Manufacturing Economy: Lessons from the Great Lakes States (May 05 2008)

Tough Wage Enforcement Law Approved in Iowa Senate; Anti-Immigrant Measures Rejected (Apr 17 2008)

Gutting State Regulation of Insurance under Bush Administration’s Financial Oversight “Reform” (Apr 03, 2008)

Expanding Access to Justice in the Courts (Mar 17 2008)

Paid Sick Days & Paid Leave Bills Approved in D.C. and New Jersey (Mar 13 2008)

Dos and Dont’s of Coping With State Budget Crises (Feb 19 2008)

Cracking Down on Misclassification of Workers– And Raising Tax Revenue (Feb 14 2008)

State Immigration Policies & Politics in 2008 (Feb 04 2008)

National Popular Vote- A Voter Turnout and Civil Rights Issue (Jan 28 2008).

Aiding States to Stimulate the National Economy (Jan 24 2008).

Tax Relief to Help Low-Wage Washington Residents (Jan 31 2008)

Aiding States to Stimulate the National Economy (Jan 24 2008)

Updates on Family Leave and Paid Sick Days Policy Campaigns (Dec 3 2007)

Election Night 2007: Progressive Gains but a Mixed Night on Ballot Initiatives Around the Country (Nov 08 2007)

How Exploited “Independent Contractor” Truckers Drive Pollution in Our Ports (Nov 10 2007)

Economic Strategies for Nurturing Innovation and Job Growth (Nov 05 2007)

How Exploited “Independent Contractor” Truckers Drive Pollution in Our Ports (Oct 11 2007)

Why States Matter (Oct 1 2007)

States Rejecting Bad Immigration Policies (Sep 27 2007).

New Polling: Paid Sick Days and Family Leave Overwhelming Political Winners (Sep 24, 2007)

Labor Day: How States Can Protect Workers Rights (Aug 30 2007)

Immigration Policy in the States: The Bad, the Good & the Politically Smart (Jul 30 2007)

With Supreme Court Shift to Right, States Need to Take Action (Jul 02 2007)

Pervasive Violations of Wage Laws — and What States Can Do About It (Jun 25 2007)

Why Progressive Policy is Winning in the States (Jun 18 2007)

Public Opinion Supports Bold Progressive Leadership (Apr 23 2007)

Living Wage: Maryland Enacts First State Law in Nation (Apr 12 2007)

Preventing Trade Deals from Undermining State Power (Mar 12 2007)

Ex-Prisoner Reentry and Reintegration (Mar 05 2007)

Universal and Affordable Broadband in the States (Feb 26 2007)

Cracking Down on Misclassification of Workers– And Raising Tax Revenue (Feb 14 2008)

Ripoff Privatizations– And Why They Keep Happening (Feb 05 2007)

Raising Revenue Through Fair Tax Systems (Jan 22 2007)

Protecting the Freedom to Form Labor Unions (Jan 08 2007)

Shutting the Courtroom Door: How the Corporate Right Mobilized in the States (Jan 04 2007)

“Values Voters” and the 2006 Elections (Nov 20 2006)

An Emerging Progressive Majority (Nov 16 2006)

State Legislative Models Brought to You by Progressive States and MomsRising (Oct 16 2006)

The Fragmenting Religious Right & Emerging Progressive Faith Networks (Oct 2, 2006)

Broadband for Economic Growth; Energy Savings (Oct 09 2006)

Child Care: A Valuing Families Campaign Issue (Sep 25, 2006)

Welfare “Reform”: Ten Years Later (Sep 18 2006)

Chicago: Groundbreaking Retail Workers Living Wage Law Passes (July 27, 2006)

Debate on Health Care for All Gets Real (July 24, 2006)

Beyond the Minimum Wage: New Policies to Raise Wages (Jun 5 2006)